Tunistrong Technologies Inc.

Utilizing Tunicates - a problem marine invader - to make
High Performance Biomaterials.

  • Our product focus is nanomaterials made from cellulose.
  • Tunicates are the only animal source of cellulose which is superior in strength and environmental benefits when compared to cellulose from plants.
  • Our nano materials will offer new unique options for customers formulating composite materials who need ingredients to add strength with little added weight from a chemically pure and natural biologic source.
  • We are a pre-commercial company and this is an introductory web site!

Tunicates as a Bycatch

  • Tunicates are a marine filter feeding invertebrate animal which have spread across world and have become resident in Atlantic Seaboard waters
  • Ciona intestinalis is a species of Tunicate that has proliferated in estuarial waters on Prince Edward Island Canada
  • They are a nuisance because they compete for food with commercial shellfish like Blue Mussels. They grow in colonies on the gear used to grow blue mussels
  • The mussel growers clean “Ciona” off the mussel lines and “growing socks” creating a bycatch and a source of biomass

Creating Value from a Nuisance Species


Leadership Team


Ian Lucas
CEO & Co-founder

Ian loves to build companies

International Natural Ingredient Marketing
and Sales Experience


Matt Dunlop
CTO & Co-founder

Matt’s PhD Thesis Research developed
our initial Patent

Chemist and Tunicate Subject Matter Expert

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